Ask Captain Jack

Captain Jack Harkness. 133 Squadron, Royal Air Force. American volunteer.
I have a brother, Gray, but it's complicated.

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gender is dumb

sexuality is dumb

be who you want

date who you want

sleep with who you want

why do we need labels for all this just like

do what you want man

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Anonymous asked: You mainly had a platonic relationship with the doctor. in his new form, has anything changed about how far you want to go?

How far I want to? No. But do you think he could handle it? 

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the-wayward-daughter asked: Good evening, Captain! Just dropping in to say hello and see how you're doing. Would you like to go for tea?

I’d love too, Darling. Know of anywhere good? 

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Anonymous asked: Hello, Captain Jack. I googeld captain gay do you know what cam up? a wikipedia page of you, but when I googled captain sexy you didn't come up. Why is there a mistake like this??

I blame this century’s shoddy internet connection, it’ll be updated soon. 

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the-vashta-nerada-at-hogwarts asked: What is your opinion on Donna?

She’s a very nice woman, a little overzealous, but just.. not my type. Woah. Never thought I’d say that. 

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superwholocked-with-merlin asked: You still use Tumblr?

I do, on occasion. 

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crazylittlewhovian-deactivated2 asked: Hi Captain. ;) How are you?

Doing pretty well, yourself? 

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